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First time reissue of the totally unknown and lone 7” from the North East of England's Model Workers. Originally released in 1981 on their own Make it Yourself label, and issued in three different coloured sleeves, the original two track 7” is as rare as it is great.

This reissue adds two further songs from the ‘Model Workmanship' demo from 1980, making it a classic four track EP. Model Workers deal in angular pop with a clear punk edge, with lead track ‘My Winter of Discontent’ being a pure DIY gem that is tight and jangly, and has the same feel as an early Television Personalties or The Times 7” or even a home recorded demo by the Jam. Had it been a Whaam! label release back in the day, Model Workers would have been a household name. But as it turned out Model Workers lifespan was short, burying the band into obscurity and turning the record into a DIY want list staple for 40 years.

This reissue comes in an 8 page booklet sleeve including paper clips, band pictures and other band’s ephemera.

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