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"Self-confessed purveyors of Hoodlum Rock and Roll, Mother's Children certainly know how to rock and roll, boys and girls, and if you've never heard them then this is your chance. Big and bashful this is pretty close to perfect power pop with melodies to die for and crashing guitars played with reckless abandon. Take the opener of 'Gang Is Back' then follow that rush up with the rapid one-two of 'Out Of The Dark' as it stomps 'n' rolls towards its chorus like the Biters never happened.

'Blue Citron Haze' gets into a fist fight with the Boys as it motors along with studs and bubblegum. 'Break It To Me' settles for a classic riff with guitar breaks poignantly placed as Mother's Children take this bad boy for a ride - not wanting to reinvent the power pop wheel they just jump on and ride the living shit out of it.

Hailing from Canada this four piece nail it song after song after song. Not posturing or trying to be something they're not they prefer to just write blisteringly good songs and rock the shit out of them. Sure 'Helen Mustn't Know' but why not? C'mon guys, let her in, I'm sure she'd love it. It's unashamedly unoriginal and has been done a million times, but on the other hand if it isn't broken don't fix it. This isn't brain surgery folks, this is rock and roll and Mother's Children sure do know how it's done properly.

They get their groove on for the bruising 'Not Fair' then follow it up with the superb 'Talk To Her', its power pop trash and full throttle rock and roll mixing up elements of '70s glam rock with bits of '77 punk and beyond. This middle section of the record is really, really strong songwise - 'Explode' is fantastic and reminds me of Stiv Bators when he tried his hand at this kinda punk powerpop. This record shines as bright as the sun and reeks of good times: Christ, 'Convince Me' is blissful and the acoustic driven 'Identical' is so snotty.

With twelve tracks on offer that harvest all that's good from several decades worth of power pop and punk rock and roll Mother's Children are really onto something here and have set the bar pretty damn high. With a European tour being organised for 2015 I only hope they decide to bring this noise to the UK so we can all get down to some shit kicking, huge grinning rock and roll." - UBER ROCK

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